Stiftung Zinnfiguren-Sammlung Alfred R. Sulzer

Information for English speaking collectors

The Spanischbrötlibahn .This first train in Switzerland was inaugurated in 1847 and operated between the cities of Zürich and Baden (Aargau). Contemporary tinfigures by Johann Rudolf Wehrli. Modern casts made out of the original slate moulds in the collections of the Swiss National Museum in Zürich.

As most collectors of flat tinfigures and flat tinsoldiers are found in German speaking countries, we have not translated the German text into any other language; this is also the case for the publications by Alfred R. Sulzer. The author and collector, however, has a good command of the English language and is happy to enter into any exchange with other collectors and dealers worldwide. Do take note that his interest is limited to «flats» manufactured as childrens› toys during the 18th and 19th centuries. Please make use of the «Kontakt» page.